Wisconsin Electric Co-Op Hosts Farm Tractor, Mini Rod & Truck Pull Event

Ganzhou Lynpe Technology Co., Ltd. is thrilled to announce their involvement in the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association’s upcoming Farm Tractor, Mini Rod & Truck Pull event. The leading linear actuator enterprise will be providing high-quality products and services to ensure a safe, successful and enjoyable experience for all competitors and spectators alike.

Since its inception in 2002, Ganzhou Lynpe has become the leader of linear actuators with its original technology, core patents, core product R&D and manufacturing capabilities. These attributes have enabled them to provide superior solutions to customers across multiple industries including industrial automation, agricultural machinery as well as medical equipment.

At the upcoming Farm Tractor, Mini Rod & Truck Pull Event hosted by the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association they hope not only display their expertise but also contribute towards a thrilling show that celebrates rural heritage across generations from children through adults. They aim to offer an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!

The company has put together a special team of experts who are already hard at work preparing for this incredible event which promises exciting action on both land and water at various locations in Wisconsin throughout 2020 with more details soon being released about each venue online shortly before each competition begins.

As one of the most renowned events in America celebrating local farming culture it is sure to draw large crowds from near and far making it an excellent opportunity for Ganzhou Lynpe Technology Co., Ltd.’s latest products such as intelligent control systems or precision electronic speed controllers appear on stage performing perfectly during every pull! With these technologies showcased during this amazing spectacle they can reach potential new customers while simultaneously showing off their impressive skillset once again proving why they remain industry leaders year after year.

Everyone here at Ganzhou Lynpe Technology Co., Ltd.. is excitedly looking forward to participating in this incredible event so if you’re interested please join us next time when we take part in another extraordinary celebration of rural heritage right here in Wisconsin!

Post time: Mar-01-2023