Handheld Wired Control System for Actuators

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Input Parameters

1. Input Voltage: 100~240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz

2. Input Current: 24VDC/4A max

Environment Parameters

1. Operating Temperature :0℃ ~40℃

2. Storage Temperature :-20℃ ~85℃

3. Insulation Intensity: 3000VAC1min input.output.

4. Insulation Resistance: pri. to sec. >50Mohm 500 VDC

Product Detail

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Input Parameters

     In the pursuit of providing our clients with ease of use, our "Plug and Play" wired controller unit is the simplest solution to your linear motion control needs. This kit comes with all the necessary equipment to run your 12V DC linear actuator straight out of the box, no assembly required. Simply connect the two wires exiting your linear actuator to the control box provided, and plug the power cord into a 110v wall outlet and the wired controller will take care of the rest.
Control Units for linear actuators
Compact centrally controlled system
Overload protection
Medically approved according to IEC 60601-1
Simple plug-and-play system ensures swift time-to-market
Fitted with a 110 or 230 VAC or 24 VDC power supply
2, 3, 5 or 6 output channels 24 VDC, max. 18A, 30A for DC input
up to 3 control gear connections
rechargeable battery or removable rechargeable battery and wall charging station optional
A large number of linear actuator control units are available to operate the linear actuators and lifting columns. The control units can have either AC input (100 or 240 V) or DC input. There are control units able to manage single actuators but also some allowing the connection of up to 6 linear actuators and several external Human Machine Interfaces - HMI. There is also a control unit able to operate DC actuators using a battery (power cable is needed to recharge). Designed to be single fault safe, not all are Medically approved control units.

Operating switches
Simple and accurate
Compact and ergonomic
Memory position buttons available
Up to 10 console switches
DIN7, FCC or HD15 connectors
up to IP67
optional display for stored functions
A large number of control units are available enabling the operation of lifting and adjustment systems as well as lifting columns. These have either an alternating current (100 or 240 V) or a direct current connection.
Some control units can control only a single actuator, while others are designed to connect up to 6 linear actuators and multiple external Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). There is also a control unit for DC actuators with battery operation (charging via a power cable).



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