Actuator Radio Frequency Remote Control System (RF)

Short Description:

Input Parameters

1. Input Voltage: 100~240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz

2. Input Current: 24VDC/2.5A max

3. 2.4GHz Wireless Receiver

Environment Parameters

1. Operating Temperature :0℃ ~40℃

2. Storage Temperature :-20℃ ~85℃

3. Insulation Intensity: 3000VAC1min input.<->output.

4. Insulation Resistance: pri. to sec. >50Mohm 500 VDC

Product Detail

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Input Parameters

    This RF Controller will allow you to control your Linear Actuator using a remote RF controller. Each controller has 2 buttons for up and down and comes with a RF receiver to plug into the control box that comes as standard with the  LP26 or LP35. Frequency 2.4Mhz

    This control kits offer a quick, reliable, and professional method for powering, remotely controlling, and wiring DC motor systems.With the quick snap locking connectors and cable, you can install and use it easily.

Control Unit

1. AC to DC  

2. Built-in wireless  remote control receiver

3. Overload, Short Circuit Protection、LED Indication

4. Efficiency Compliance CEC, ERP Level V

5. RoHS, Reach Compliance

6. Input Type:IEC-C8

7. Control mode: Momentary, latch, adjustable by jumper

1.The supply voltage, motor voltage and operating current should be within the allowable range.
2.This is not waterproof cotroller, please keep it dry and clean and avoid from direct sunlight.
3.Do not make the forward and reverse turn in a short time.
4.The capacity of the load is in inverse proportion to the remote distance. ,the bigger the shorter .The controller can work well when it is used in the straight line without any sheid ,if there is any shade ,it will influence the control distance .
5.It needs to replace the battery inside the remote controller when the remote control distance is shorter than before.



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