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Selecting actuators
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There are many factors to consider when selecting an actuator for an application need. Some of these important parameters are mentioned below.
Parameter Comment
Stroke length
Each type has its range limitations, typically 50-400mm
Mounting brackets
Fork, through hole, various dimensions
Connections and cables
Countless number of variants. Let us know what you need
Feedback and/or limit switches
Optical sensor encoder, Hall sensor - 1 or 2 channels, Softpot/linear potentiometer, Multi-turn potentiometer, DigPot. Different solutions applicable for different actuators.
Motor voltage
Normally 24V 12V, but can be customized.
What max force is needed in the application?
Does the application have any speed requirements?
Power consumption
Does the application have any requirements or limitations connected to power consumption?
Built-in length and other dimensions
What are the limiting measurements in the application?
Motor position
Must the application have the motor in any specific position?

Note that there will be a trade-off between the parameters force, speed and power consumption. For example:
Higher speed --> lower force --> lower current consumption
Higher force --> lower speed --> higher current consumption